About Us

Marc Asmode has a passion for the eclectic world of soccer and is an avid fan of Paris SG.  He has travelled each continent (except Antarctica) through his work with Flying-Cam and has seen soccer being played everywhere at anytime, anybody, men, women, disabled and children of any age.  Soccer has no boundaries all around the planet.  It is simply the world's game.  His work in soccer brought him to publish the World Soccer Atlas in 2005, created the Cowtown Soccer League in 2008, partnered with FootieMap.com in 2010 and Launched/Co-Founded the Texas Soccer Expo. 

Chris Auths passion in life is soccer.  Whether it is playing at Game On, coaching for Americas Futbol Club, refereeing or working at Game On Arena Sports, Chris' drive everyday is soccer.  Having played all through his youth career starting at four and continuing to play through high school and at the collegiate level at The College of Brockport in New York, Chris made the move to Texas to run Game On Arena Sports.  He loves the fact that the game is always changing and there is always something new to learn, accept or challenge yourselves with in every game as a player, coach and referee.  In 2014 Chris helped Launch/Co-Found The Texas Soccer Expo.